Tax advisory

Correct accounting administration is necessity for every enterpriser. Follow-up analyses provide to company's management, but also to freelancers complex information which cannot be exactly qualified within the accounting. The whole package of financial management is competed with our tax advisory services.

Tax advisory services:

  • we provide clients information regarding tax liability calculated according to tax regulation; it has character of prevention; prevents of arising serious tax and accounting problems
  • determination of tax base using corporate combinations (process of pricing values by buying and selling company, by non-monetary deposits...)
  • tax consulting by specific tax type for corporate and personal entities
  • tax advisory related to merging, switching and winding up of companies
  • solving concrete issues of specifying tax base from income tax
  • creation of tax return for income tax
  • operative solutions of arising tax issues (selling part of a business, pricing and selling of accounts receivable and their depreciation to reduce taxable income, creation of reserves and adjusting entries...)
  • creation of tax returns for realty tax and motorcar tax
  • providing assistance by tax authority control (workout of statement to tax control, protests...)

Why Congesbergh ?

  • Accounting services from 70 Euros a month (example)
  • Establishing company from 50 Euros
  • Major customers as a guarantee of our expertise
  • Insurance covering the possible damage caused to client
  • Long-time activity on the market
  • Expert publishing
  • Congesbergh s.r.o. Kapicova 1192/2, 851 01 Bratislava
  • tel.: 02/63 45 35 29 mobile: 0903 270 573


+421 903 270 573

Congesbergh s.r.o.
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